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Hi! I'm JC Riffo.
Welcome to my site.

I’ve been passionate about photography for decades. In my early twenties I carried a camera all over Argentina, my birth country, earning me a reputation for being “the camera guy” and the go-to free photographer for all my friends’ weddings, despite my limited gear. Nowadays, it’s my privilege to document special moments for both friends and clients (with much better gear) capturing all the beautiful details along the way.

My Skills


Couples, families, and more, captured using natural and artificial lighting.


A candid take on formal portraits for laid-back branding or just for fun.


Backdrops, softboxes, and flashes, oh my! Get creative with a mobile studio.


From weddings to anniversaries and births to graduations.

Why Choose Me?

light composure
We love to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting in all settings.
Professional skills
With years of experience, we're ready to capture all important moments and events.
Perfect Equipment
Professional grade gear means you receive only the highest quality image files.
ultra hd
Quality images mean you can turn digital files into large prints with no distortion.
unique vision
No two photographers see the same. I'm happy to share my personal vision with you.
focusing knowledges
Together we can set the tone for your shoot, from documentary to dream-like styles.

Latest News

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