My son, Josiah, at three months.

With the birth of my son, I realized what a special time having a newborn is. To have brought a life into this world and to be suddenly responsible for caring for a tiny new human is incredible. Plus, watching the bond between my wife and baby was amazing. For both of us, personally experiencing the birth of a child and those first few months inspired us to put more of a focus on newborn photography. We were so exhausted those first couple of months we didn’t take near as many photos as I would have liked, but when we started getting longer stretches of sleep at night finally, we did a lifestyle session of our little one and we truly cherish those images. We also learned the value of making newborn photo sessions stress-free and comfortable for new parents.

That said, here is a little more on what you can expect from your newborn session with us:

What to Expect from Your Newborn Photo Session

  • My Approach: If you’ve been following my work at all, you know I love studio set ups and artificial lighting to make my subjects look picture perfect. However, when it comes to newborn photography, I take a different approach. My wife and I will use mainly (and in some cases only) natural light for your in-home session and take photos that have a more documentary style and feel to them. I may bring a very minimal lighting set up to give your pictures a studio feel because, well, I can’t help myself. We will still give you guidance on how to position yourself and the baby, but we will capture all those little, natural moments in between that often go unnoticed too.
  • Your Baby: Newborn babies are perfection, just as they are. Instead of dressing your newborn up as a bunny or a puppy, placing them in a sea of props, and creating unnatural poses, all we need is a baby in a solid colored onesie and your favorite swaddle – that’s literally it. Try to feed baby about 15 minutes before we arrive and keep an extra onesie on hand, just in case. We have no expectations about baby being awake or asleep, perfectly peaceful or a little fussy. However baby is feeling the day of the shoot is totally fine and we will get some beautiful shots no matter what. We’ll never force any poses or get you to overfeed baby so he’ll go to sleep. This session should be stress-free for the whole family.
  • Parents and Siblings: A new baby is a huge change for your other kiddos, and we take that into consideration. We’ll take sibling photos first and then photos of the whole family so if your baby’s older siblings lose interest quickly it won’t be a problem. As for mom and dad, you just had a baby! Don’t worry too much about how you look or if you don’t feel your best because you haven’t slept in weeks. We get you, we’ve been there. This time in your life won’t be perfect but it is most certainly beautiful. If you’re feeling too bleary eyed to see it just yet, we’ll help you out by showing you just how precious and amazing your family is with our photos.
  • Home and Clothing: Do not worry about cleaning up your home before we arrive. You just had a baby if things are a little chaotic right now, we totally understand. When we get there, we’ll take a quick tour of your home, select the areas with the ideal lighting, and then we will help you clean up any clutter that might distract in a photo. Areas that are usually great for newborn photos (depending on the lighting) are your living room sofa, the master bedroom, or baby’s nursery. As for your wardrobe, keep it simple. Neutral colors and solids keep the focus on the people in the photos, which is what we’re all about.



If you are looking to do your newborn photos right away, we recommend booking a session when your baby is 7-10 days old. You can get in touch with us during your pregnancy if you’d like us to hold a tentative date for you. If you feel too overwhelmed to do newborn photos right after birth, don’t sweat it. Anytime in those first 3 months is a good time to do a photo session with your new baby.

We are totally flexible on this point. Anywhere you feel comfortable taking your newborn for a photo shoot is fine with us. Just let us know the details when you book your shoot.

It can happen, but it is not a problem. As I mentioned, we let baby guide the photo session, so if he’s only happy in your arms, we can do the entire photo session like that. Plus, what’s more beautiful than a picture of you consoling your baby when he needs you the most? You will still get plenty of beautiful images from your shoot, even if your baby cries or fusses while during the session. And we always schedule ample time for these shoots, so if we need to take things slow, that is never a problem.

Yes. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and we will wear masks throughout the session. If you would like us to take a covid test before going to your home, we would be happy to do so. Just let us know ahead of time. If anyone, in your family or ours, is feeling unwell, even if they test negative for covid, we will reschedule your session for a later date.

If you prefer a more staged look, we can certainly bring a few props and backdrops to your home. Even without doing a complete studio setup, we can get some nice “studio-style” images as you can see in the mini gallery above. This will take more time and involvment from mom and dad, so keep that in mind.