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Yo soy JC Riffo
Soy Fotógrafo.

My name is JC Riffo. I’m a professional photographer from Argentina who specializes in portraits. I also do special event photography. Photography is my passion, and my objective is to capture crystal-clear, detailed images that capture your individuality and the special relationships you share with your loved ones.

What to Expect: I have a real love for studio photography, and I like to carry that feeling of a styled yet realistic shoot, fit for a magazine, everywhere I shoot. My wife, Ashley, often accompanies me as a secondary shooter and her work is of a more documentary style, meaning you get a good mix of both styled and candid shots with every session.

Mis Trabajos


From headshots to couples and families, using both natural and artificial light.


Weddings, anniversary parties, and more. We'll join you for both intimate or large gatherings.


Let us bring our studio to you for professional portraiture with controlled lighting.


For a more natural approach, ask about documentary style shoots, where candid is king.

¿Por qué elegirme?

Luz y Composición
I love to incorporate both natural and artifical lighting in all settings.
Habilidades profesionales
With years of experience, I'm ready to capture all important moments and events.
Equipo perfecto
Professional grade gear means you receive only the highest quality image files.
Ultra HDR
Quality images mean you can turn digital files into large prints with no distortion.
unique vision
No two photographers see the same. I'm happy to share my personal vision with you.
Enfoque profesional
Together we can set the tone for your shoot, from documentary to dream-like styles.

Últimas noticias

noviembre 17, 2018
Đà Nẵng

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Thời gian phun lửa, phun nước tại cầu Rồng vào lú...

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