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How long do your photo sessions take?

It depends! Headshots are generally the quickest shoot. Once we’ve set up and done a couple test shots using our assistants, we usually only need about 15 minutes per person for headshots.

Mini sessions are quick! Just 30 minutes and you’ll take home 10 beautiful, professionally edited images of your loved ones.

Families, couples, and pets usually only take an hour or two if we shoot at a single location.

Newborn photography takes a little longer because we’ve got to follow the baby’s schedule, which might mean taking a few extra breaks for diaper changes, feedings, etc. This is especially true if you are interested in doing a studio newborn session.

Weddings are also up to you. We can spend all day with you capturing everything from your wedding preparations to your big exit or we can just stay for the ceremony and reception. It all depends on what you want and what wedding package you choose.

Professional branding shoots usually take about half a day, depending on what we are shooting. Whether it’s people or products, we’ve got to set up lighting and computer connections so you can see how the images are coming out as we work.

Do you have a dedicated studio space?

For now, we have a mobile studio, which we can set up at your home or place of business. We can also work out an arrangement to rent studio space if neither of those options work for you.

Our equipment includes portable backdrops, both paper and cloth, of varying colors as well as artificial lighting setups. We’ll determine what continuous lighting, flashes, and softboxes to bring when we determine how much space we have to work with, as well as what your expectations are for the photographs.

How many photos will I get after a session?

For our base packages, we offer 30 photos for real estate, family, newborn, maternity, and couples shoots. For studio sessions, you can expect 20 photos. Our smallest two-hour wedding package comes with 75 photos. Headshot sessions start out with 7 photos. Professional branding sessions are variable since they are tailor made for each customer.

Those numbers are for our most basic packages. You can always upgrade your package to spend more time with us and get even more photos.

How does the online gallery work?

We set up a password protected online gallery for each session. Only you or anyone you share the password with can see your images there. You can login to access the gallery and review the images we took during the session. Let’s say you purchased a mini session, which includes 10 professionally edited photos. We may have taken dozens of photos during the 30-minute mini session, and you’ll get to see them all in the online gallery. Next, you’ll choose your favorites. After selecting the maximum amount of photos in your package, we’ll make the photos available for download. You can always pay for extra photos a la carte if you love more photos than what’s included in your package.

What should I do to prepare for a photo session?

Relax and have fun! We are very easygoing and will give you as much or as little direction as you need. We’re happy to let you share all of your favorite Pinterest inspiration with us if you’d like or you can just let us get creative.

Basically, don’t worry. But if you need some practical tips to help you feel prepared, check out this blog post on my wife’s website with 20 tips to help you get the most out of your family session. The tips will work great for just about any kind of session. 👍

Do you sell prints or physical products?

For now, we only offer small-ish prints of photos up to 8×10 inches. For a print pricing list, shoot us an email. For albums, archival prints, large scale printed photos, and other physical products, shoot us a message. We may be able to get you what you need with the help of a third-party vendor.


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